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RaceTheCastles incorporates several competitions for Elites and Standard Age-classes which are detailed below.

All entries should be made through Fabian4, though there are special arrangements for invited athletes.

Entries are now closed.

Each day has races for Elites and for standard age-classes; anyone may enter any race*. You should note that Elite courses are planned for highly competitive athletes and anyone entering Elite courses must respect the embargo rules, will not be able to choose a convenient start time and may be held in “quarantine” before the start.

*Note exception for Under16s who may not enter Urban races in adult classes due to British Orienteering insurance restrictions.

All quoted distances on the course details are measured along the straight line between controls; actual running distance may be considerably further.

For standard entrants…

Edinburgh & Stirling

A warm-up sprint event on Friday evening followed by two Urban races on Saturday and Sunday with courses set according to British Orienteering guidelines.

Saturday (Edinburgh) and Sunday (Stirling) will count as the final two races of the UK National Urban Orienteering Competition (Nopesport Urban League).

They will also be two races of BritishOrienteering’s UK Orienteering League

Edinburgh is part of the EuroCityTour, along with London, Porto and Barcelona.

Balmoral and Forvie

Terrain races (Woods and Sand dunes) with courses set according to Scottish Orienteering League guidelines

Balmoral is part of the annual Scottish Orienteering League series.

Forvie courses will be planned to be at the shorter end of the guidelines.

You will be able to choose a preferred start block (early/middle/late) on standard courses.

King of The Castles

For standard classes, there will be an overall competition based on four races (the warm-up event in Edinburgh will not count). You must enter the correct course for your age-class (or ‘run up’ in a younger class (for adult) or older class (for junior)) to be competitive.

If any course is oversubscribed, we will run parallel courses split so as to keep age-groups together.

For Elite entrants…


Sprint distance – 12-15 minute winning time, 2-3km
IOF World Ranking Event


Sprint Distance – 12-15 miinute winning time, 2-3km
IOF World Ranking Event, Park World Tour Event.


Long Distance, men 15-18km (90-100min), Women 9-12km (70-80 min)
IOF World Ranking Event

Sands of Forvie

Relay (Men/Women Elite).  Teams of 3.  Each team member must enter as an individual through Fabian4 (this is to enable you to take advantage of the 5-race package). Team declaration forms will be available via RaceTheCastles website or the Information point at Edinburgh and Stirling.

Associated Events

JOK Chasing Sprint

The JOK chasing sprint will be on Friday 17th on Deeside, entry for this will be separate from RacetheCastles: further details will be available on the JOK website.


We will offer a TempO style competition in East Princes St Gardens. Planner: John Kewley, Organiser: Anne Hickling.  Enter on the day at assembly.
The will also be PreO at Balmoral, more info about TrailO

WOC training

Training opportunities on Deeside. Hone your navigation by joining the official training camps for the 2015 World Championships.


There will be a ceilidh in Greyfriars Kirk organised by the University Orienteering Club

General information

Start lists will be determined according to the rules of these competitions.  In the event of a very large entry, selection may be required: this will be based on the IOF world ranking list and the UK national ranking list.

It is permitted to enter elite races at some events and standard races at others.

To enter the elite courses, select M21E or W21E

Park Worldd Tour logoPark World Tour

A select group of invited athletes will participate in the Park World Tour race in Stirling.

IOF World Ranking logoWorld Ranking Events

The sprint races at Edinburgh and Stirling, and the Long race at Balmoral, are part of the International Orienteering Federation’s World Ranking Series. All elite entrants are able to participate in this competition. Please note, you must supply your IOF Athlete ID when entering these races. Athletes not previously ranked should go to the IOF website to request an athlete ID before entering.

UK Senior Home Internationals

Teams representing England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales will compete at Balmoral and Forvie in Individual and Relay races. Selection for these races lies with the National Team managers. British Orienteering Home Internationals page

UK Sprint Senior Home Internationals

Teams of three men and three women representing England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales will compete at Edinburgh and Stirling. Selection for these races lies with the National Team managers.
The fastest two runners count at each race, with the overall result decided by adding the eight times together.

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