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  • Balmoral Castle

    Balmoral Castle

  • Edinburgh Castle map

    Edinburgh Castle map

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    Stirling Castle map

Things to Do

When not orienteering

There are many things to do that could keep your or your family members occupied.

Things to do in Edinburgh

Climb Arthur’s Seat in time to watch the sun rise over the best view of the most beautiful city in the world

Watch the Penguin Parade at Edinburgh Zoo,  every day at 2.15pm.  And check out our other black-and-white residents Tian Tian and Yang Guang the pandas.

Visit the The National Galleries of Scotland, culture for free!

See the stars at a Royal Observatory public observation evening.

Buy some cheese at Mellis cheesemongers.

See where the queen lives when she isn't at her castles: www.royalyachtbritannia.co.uk

Things to do on Deeside.

Hike a Munro, one of Scotland's 282 3000'+ mountains.  The Cairnwell in Glenshee is probably the easiest, Lochnagar one of the most spectacular, or for an epic all day hike take yourself in to Ben Avon.

Visit a distillery: the definitive Scottish experience. Or take a day on the world's only distillery trail

The Dee stretches 60 beautiful miles from its source at Linn of Dee to Aberdeen, go fishing, canoe, cycle Deeside on or off road.

Visit Royal Deeside website

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